A Drop In The Bucket is a multifaceted news and entertainment website. There are many section to the site, including local and national news, editorials, personal writings, and book reviews. I aim to provide honest, fun, and informative reading.

The Patriot is a world and national news section with triple goals of context, scalability, and honest subjectivity. I aim to put news stories in social and historical context, something greatly lacking from mainstream news media. I also aim to make the articles scalable, allowing you to learn subject at various depth levels. I have always wished for news with footnotes, and in this section I give those to you allowing you to check facts and continue reading on the subject if you wish. I try to limit the adverse effect that my personal views and experiences have on my reporting, but I obviously influence my own writing. I hope to put this necessary subjectivity into the open and celebrate it when appropriate. The value of reporters depends on, not just hard facts, but illuminating information discerned while covering a story. I often present opinions and sensible arguments that, right or wrong, should be informative.

Seattle Citytalk focuses on news items from the Seattle area. Some articles also run in Real Change News, a independent weekly focusing on poverty and worker’s rights.

Eyes of Dissent showcases some of my more personal writings on my life, thoughts, anxieties, quips, and quirks. I hope you find it honest, entertaining, and maybe even enlightening.

Book Worm is a book review section like most others, and many recent publications will be reviewed. However, unlike other columns, many books that I review are classics or have been out for many years. Reading books, unlike watching television, is a heavily interactive experience, and that experience changes for people in different places and times. I hope to reexamine and cast a more modern critical light on great books of the past.

Under Construction – The website is just getting underway but should be ready soon. It may not be as pretty, or have the content that it will in the future, but I hope you can find it useful nonetheless. Visit regularly and I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!

About me: I am a freelance writer and reporter living in the Seattle area. I regularly contribute to Real Change News, a local weekly paper. You can contact me directly at travis.duprey@gmail.com

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